THECar White Edition

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THE JQRacing Servo Saver Parts Set

THE JQRacing Servo Saver Part Set includes an aluminum servo saver tube, one servo saver spring, one servo saver tension nut, and one e-clip.

THE JQRacing Shock and Steering Pivot Ball (7mm) (4pcs)

THE JQRacing 7mm Shock & Steering Ball Set includes four pivot balls that can be used in either the inner steering link rod ends, or in the lower shock rod ends. However we offer specific balls for the lower shock rod ends that are easier to fit in the arm.

THE JQRacing Shock Boot Set (4pcs)

THE JQRacing Shock Boot Set include 4pcs, to be used on the front or rear shocks. These shock boots are installed over the shock shafts and are held in place by a groove in the shock body and the lower spring cup. They are used to protect the shock shaft and shock seals from dirt and debris. They also work as bump stops, reducing the jolt as the shock is compressed all the way.

THE JQRacing Shock Bushing Set (4pcs)

THE JQRacing Shock Bushing Set includes the two small guide bushings that are installed between the o-rings, as well as two lower shock shaft guide bushings, enough to replace the bushings on two shocks.

THE JQRacing Shock Holder (Standoff) (4pcs)

THE JQRacing Shock Holder (Standoff) Set includes four shock standoff’s.